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Do I really need AnalyticsVerse?

AnalyticsVerse objections

Isn't analytics provided within the tool, like Github insights or Jira reports good enough?

Github / Jira was always designed to be more operational in nature, which helps you in achieving a set of tasks but their primary purpose isn't to understand your processes and find out possible bottlenecks and suggest ways to improve it.
And that is exactly why we build AnalyticsVerse.

AnalyticsVerse was built to optimize processes and all metrics revolve around that ideology, and we know a heatmap of commits is never enough to understand what's happening within your team.

I have the same question
AnalyticsVerse objections

Whatever we are doing currently is working for us, why change that?

To believe that there is no room for improvement will plateau out the growth of your team. All we are saying is if there is the will to continuously improve, it cannot come from static processes. With your team growing, the type of work you do change, your processes also need to change.
And we just want to be the ones assisting you to reach there.

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AnalyticsVerse objections

How can there be a one size fits all platform especially for engineering teams?

After you create your project, we take several hours to show you your first reports, what we do behind the scenes is auto-configure things for you, a few of them are the way you use story points, or what statuses a task can be in, what branch you use as your primary branch for development.
Apart from default configurations we also rely on the historical data of your teams to understand the dynamics in which you work. You also get to customize things like how do you make releases, and how you track production defects, which lets you tailor the platform to your needs.

I have the same question
AnalyticsVerse objections

Do I really need to believe in everything you say?

Absolutely not, this in our minds is genuinely not a sales pitch, this is us talking to you on what ideologies we have built AnalyticsVerse, and even if our ideologies resonate with you, don't take our word for it. We want you to take a look for yourself and see what value we can provide, which is why we have a no-questions-asked free trial.
And pay your first dollar to us only if and after you see the proof of value.

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Keeping your data safe and secure is our top priority.

We are committed to ensuring the best standards in systems, people, and process security. AnalyticsVerse has its security processes in accordance with ISO 27001 framework and is a certified organization.

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