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Developer Productivity - How to Measure it?

July 11, 2023

Humans are inherently cognitive misers and we have a tendency to solve complex problems in simple and least effortful ways. And that’s what we have been doing with “developer productivity” by taking the easiest available ways to measure it First thoughts when you hear “developer productivity”? I bet it’s something negative, and no doubt this is almost a taboo amongst development teams, as leaders are often scared that having a conversation about this would make the team think they are being m....

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Sprint Progress - Why and How to Track It?

“Working Backwards” is a great strategy to figure out what needs to be built however when it comes to software development often what helps is continuously tracking your progress towards your goals. Thus we came up with this strategy for development teams called “Working backwards, Tracking onwards”. The idea is to continuously track what is your team’s sprint progress on the plan that you have made, so you can proactively course-correct when needed. Rather than figuring it out in a quarter retr...

July 24, 2023

Daily standup meeting: ways to keep it short and effective

Developer teams are no strangers to daily standup meetings. Their success in increasing collaboration and visibility has led to their adoption in different types of teams and projects. Every day the whole team has a standup agenda meeting where developers and other team members proactively align with the project and delivery goals, share progress with the team, and be on top of blockers. There are, however, developers who despise standup meetings because they are hyper-vigilant about even the m...

December 7, 2022

9 Software Development KPIs that high-performing teams track

Why do Software Development KPIs matter? The most important thing to have for a successful and efficient team in any field is “direction”. And there is no absolute “right” or “wrong” in it. It's all a relative and contextual concept. And Software Development KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) act as that “north star” which keeps the team heading in the right direction. Software development KPIs are often confused with metrics. Metrics are numbers representing a fact whereas KPIs are things that...

October 7, 2022

10x Tech Lead - What effective technical leads do differently?

Do 10x Tech Leads exist? Do Tech Leads really matter that much? Short answer: Yes they do!! The secret sauce to an engineering team's success is an effective tech lead guiding the team to be on the right track. Without a tech lead the team is really going to carry swords in a battle of tanks. In this blog, we start by defining a tech lead and their responsibilities and explain the important traits of the really effective ones. Who is a Tech Lead? A tech lead is a person who will assist the ...

September 30, 2022

Start your journey by exploring DORA metrics here

Lean practice. Performance optimization. Digital Transformation. There’s something else that is beginning to be oft-sought-after like this: DORA metrics. Did that make you think of that cartoon girl with a pink T-shirt? Maybe you already knew about DORA metrics, so it didn’t. Or maybe you aren’t that well-versed with DevOps, so it did. Well, we breathe(d) DevOps and that was still what came to our minds when we first came across the term xD So either way — DORA metrics are related to DevOps ...

May 14, 2022

Create Your Own Development Metrics Dashboards

Giving the engineering team the power of deciding what to track is the biggest motivator for us to create the custom dashboard feature. The idea is to have the capabilities of a BI tool without the hassle of integrating multiple data sources, linking them, and defining metrics on your own. Custom dashboards allow you to create your own visualizations over the metrics you want and define your own way to look at these over different groupings and save and share with your team members on AnalyticsV...

March 10, 2022

DORA Metrics: How to objectively track your DevOps Success?

We have always believed in the ideology of measuring things to improve engineering efficiency. What DORA’s research program has done for this is represent seven years of research and data from over 32,000 professionals worldwide and identified capabilities that drive high performance in technology delivery and ultimately organizational outcomes. The four key capabilities give an idea about the speed with which your organization delivers software and the stability of your software systems. These...

February 12, 2022

How to track merge requests throughput and cycle time?

With the widespread adoption of git and git branching strategies, merge requests have become first-class citizens in our world of software development. The most widely used strategy is the git-flow branching strategy which most corporates and startups have adopted. Irrespective of the strategy that you follow if your development process heavily involves creating WIP / Draft merge requests, peer review, incorporating feedback, and reworking, this summary will help you to understand your process b...

January 22, 2022

Modern Engineering Leadership

Engineering and technology are at the epicenter of disruption in every industry you can imagine. Engineering divisions could easily be termed as the protagonist leading the role of digital disruption today. And do you believe it’s easy managing a team of these disruptors? Especially with the incessant changes going around, we often tend to question our ability to lead the teams. In this first blog post, I wanted to share with you a summarized version of the biggest questions around engineering ...

June 16, 2021

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